Fertility Free Friday: Hello Weekend!

Living Social sent out a deal for a 60 minute massage, 60 minute facial and a 15 minute aromatherapy steam all for $75.  Done.  Count me in. Today, while the productive souls of the world are working at their jobs and/or tending to beautiful children, I am getting a facial, massage and steam.  I can’t wait.  I LOVE massages and facials.

The spa treatments should be the start of a fabulous weekend.  Big Guy and I are engaging in a number of exorbitantly nerdy events this weekend.  We are members of the LA Natural History Museum, and we are going to the members’ preview for the Butterfly Pavillion.  I thought it was an appropriate activity for my current state of mind and for the holiday weekend (for those of you that are observant Christians).  What better to symbolize metamorphosis and new life than a bevy of butterflies fluttering around my head?

The nerdy events aren’t over after the Butterfly Pavillion.  After the museum we are heading over to the Griffith Observatory’s Planetarium.  We are going to see Centered in the Universe.  It is described as follows:

Centered in the Universe asks fundamental questions about our place in the Universe. Who are we? Where did we come from? Why is the world the way it is? Stunning full-dome video transports us back in time, from the Library of Alexandria, to Galileo’s courtyard, to the world’s most powerful telescopes in a quest for answers among the stars. Travel through time and space back to the big bang and through a universe filled with galaxies to find our cosmic origins and discover our true place in the cosmos.

Perhaps it will serve as a gentle reminder that my current state of affairs is not the center of the universe.  Ha!

Finally, to end our day in LA, we are going to dinner at the Border Grill using a Groupon.  God Bless it.  I stumbled upon Border Grill’s food truck last summer, and it was amazing, so I’m excited about the Groupon.  An appetizer, two entrees, and dessert for $35 bucks!  Perhaps this should be the start of an LA Top Chef culinary tour…

I’ve been really taking advantage of the things to offer in Southern California these days.  One, I have more time and am less constrained by my research.  Second, I think our time here is winding down.  I am not sure why, I just have a feeling.  If that is the case, I want to make sure I visit everything that is worth visiting before we go.  I know a number of SoCal readers are out there.  If you have suggestions, please chime in!

Sunday will be relatively low-key, including church and brunch.  We may go out or I may make a tasty quiche.  It will be a good day to relax and unwind, which, let’s face it, is more important for Big Guy than for myself.  I do a pretty good job of pampering myself.  Case in point – Friday Spa Day.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

2 thoughts on “Fertility Free Friday: Hello Weekend!

  1. Ah, sounds like a lovely weekend! Sometimes I think not working can be more stressful than working, so I have no doubt you will benefit wonderfully from those moments of spa relaxation.

    As for other stuff to do in LA, well, if you’re already going to the Observatory, you might want to take your hiking boots (or sneakers will do – this is Los Angeles, after all; it can’t be that hard-core) and explore Griffith Park. There are many lovely trails. Mt. Hollywood is very close to where you’ll be, and has a nice view of the Hollywood sign. How LA!

    A bit further afield, if you’re really looking for suggestions, is the Palos Verdes Peninsula, a very beautiful and special part of the Southern California coastline. Pack a picnic to eat at Abalone Cove. Perfection!

    • Thanks so much, Elizabeth! You know, I walk to the beach and I can see the peninsula, but we’ve never actually gone there. Crazy, huh? It’s only 25 minutes away. I have noted that a number of Food Network shows have profiled restaurants on the peninsula…I hope you have a great weekend.K.

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