OPK’s Really Can Be Positive.

OMG. I got a for real positive OPK this morning.  All this time, all those sticks, never a positive one in sight.  Don’t misunderstand me here. I have been ovulating, but it is a “weak” ovulation (in the words of my RE).  When I am getting closer to ovulation my OPKs always kinda look positive if you squint and dim the lights.  I count that as positive.  But, this morning? A for real positive, as in a test line darker than a control line.  That was really fucking fun.

Due to the fact that I’m living out of a hotel room with Big Guy in Palm Springs, I quickly realized that I did not have the alcohol wipes for the trigger shot.  I briefly considered skipping the alcohol wipe, but then had some misgivings about the potential of an infection. So, I ambled on over to Rite Aid and picked up some wipes.  I was planning on putzing around the interwebs at a coffee shop, so I stirred things up in my car and injected myself in my belly in the parking lot.

While mixing things up I briefly wondered if anyone was going to become alarmed at the sight of a woman clearly preparing a syringe of something in her car in the parking lot of a Rite Aid.  Mid-injection I heard sirens right behind me.  “For real?”, I thought.  Not for real.  An ambulance passing through.  However, for one moment I envisioned lecturing some police officers about infertility sensitivity and NIAW.

This is my first trigger shot, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was alarmed at the stinging and burning.  It lasted for about ten minutes.  About an hour later I noticed that the injection site was kinda poofy and painful to touch. This hasn’t gone away. My sensitive right ovary is no longer sensitive. My cervix is no longer quite so fertile. I’m now bloated and exhausted.  I feel as if I climbed a mountain today.  I did not.  I went to the post office, drank some decaf at a coffee shop while madly preparing ICLW comments, ate at a natural grocery, and watched the latest episode of Revenge.  This is not climbing a mountain.

Anyone else have a weird reaction to the trigger at the injection sight? Any other side effects I should be aware of?


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15 thoughts on “OPK’s Really Can Be Positive.

  1. Hi! Here from ICLW! Congrats on your positive OPK! I just got mine about an hour ago and I am still over the moon!

    I wish I had any insight on trigger shots. Well. Wait, I don’t REALLY because I hate shots, but what I mean to say is that I don’t have anything to share, but I wish I could say something supportive. The people I have met so far through ICLW have been super supportive to me during this cycle especially (my first on Clomid) and I wish I could pay it forward.

    In any event, best wishes to you! I will be adding you to my blogroll so I can keep up with your story. :)

    • Thanks Jennifer, I just popped over to your blog and we have a lot in common! Including our timing this cycle. As I said on your blog, I hope everything goes really well tomorrow!

  2. I’ll let you know on this one. I’m anticipating feelings of “I’m so tough/hardcore I gave myself an injection! Cool.”.

  3. Congrats on the + OPK! Those are the next best thing to a + BFP! And I had to laugh while picture you prepping your shot in your car and then pausing when you heard the sirens. Reminds me of the time I had to take my Crinone suppository on the floor in the back of my SUV because the fertility pharmacy wouldn’t let me use their bathroom. In that moment, I had to laugh at infertility!

  4. I never made it to trigger, so can’t share any wisdom on that. Just wanted to say I can relate to the OPK frustration. I have the same faint yet slightly darker around O time thing. The two times I got a full positive I was beside myself! Congrats on yours! Here’s hoping it leads to two more pink lines in a couple of weeks!

    • Thanks, Kate! Seriously. I hear you. I was shocked. I thought Monday’s OPK was going to be my “positive”, but things just got better. I hope this is a good sign pointing to healthier hormonal levels and eggs.

  5. LIke Kate, I never made it to trigger – two cycles cancelled on me. I did have a chuckle imagining you in your car, hearing the sirens, and preparing to lecture police officers about NIAW!

  6. My only experience with a trigger shot was last month. I got morning sickness, quite literally. So I’m not surprised you feel exhausted – pregnancy symptoms and all…

  7. I hear you about the nausea. After I posted yesterday I felt really nauseous. I feel good today – no fatigue, no nausea, but yesterday was a trip. Phew!

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