The Egg Has Hatched.

I ovulated.  Based upon the pain on my right side, I would say that it was around 9 pm last night.  My temperature spiked nicely this morning shooting up and into my typical post-O zone. Some might say the egg has hatched.


Really, I just wanted an excuse to include a photo my my adorable niece holding a itty-bitty, tiny turkey baby.  She loves the turkey babies. This adorable kid is the same one that gives the Stink Eye at will. Watch out world.

As of today I am officially in Day One of the 2ww.  This is my first “real” 2ww since I started blogging, so I should prepare you.  After studying hundreds, if not thousands, of charts on Fertility Friend, I have decided that testing early and often is the best course of action.  False negatives only happen every once and a while, so pee away! I like to start around 9 or 10 DPO.

Speaking of peeing away, I am going to test out the trigger. (Really this means that I will be testing everyday until I get my period.)  My test this morning? Uber-positive.  Man, it really does bring a jolt even when you know it isn’t real.  As for that hCG, well the site of the injection is ridiculously painful.  As in painful to the touch, painful to move, just plain painful.  It is also swollen, hot and red.  Thank goodness I picked up the alcohol wipes or I would be freaking out about infection right now.

I’m dutifully eating my pineapple core and thinking positive thoughts.  Implant baby egg! Implant!

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20 thoughts on “The Egg Has Hatched.

  1. ohh, how cute! Good luck on your 2ww, I remember my first time testing out the trigger, I waited a whole 2 days to test and was still shocked at how bright the test line was. Last time I started testing 20 minutes after the trigger shot and the test was faintly positive at that point and blaring 12 hrs later! it surprised me how quickly it was in the system. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to NOT test out the trigger….plus, I like peeing on things.

  2. Yay for being in TWW!! And I am a BIG fan of testing early (and often). It’s a good idea to test out your trigger. I hope a real positive develops over the next 10-14 days!!!

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