Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Panel.

It came back normal. All of it. Thank you, sweet heavens, thank you.

Now, I say this with a caveat. I’m still getting to know the staff at my new RE’s office.  I don’t fully trust them.  They are a bit disorganized, and they never manage to call me with results.  I always have to call them, which is super annoying.  So, while the nurse said all results are normal, I’m still a bit skeptical because they drew the blood for the karyotyping in the midst of the miscarriage.  They drew the remaining vials of blood for the RPL panel after my beta was negative, which was several weeks later. At that time, they tried to draw more blood for the karyotyping.  I had to let them know that that test had been submitted. Regardless, the karyotyping is normal.  She read me the date of the test – 5.24.12.

I suppose what this means is I have colossally bad luck, but in this instance I am lucky.  There was a five percent chance of having two miscarriages in a row.  I fell on the wrong side of that statistic.  Again, I’m happy that I am managing to get pregnant. I am not ignoring the import of that fact. I’m hoping that the next one sticks.

Not my chromosomes.